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Summer 2015: Release of "From The Cactus To The Cross" written by Steven Lehebauer.

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About this website:
The Bible says we are destroyed by lack of knowledge of the Word of God. This website will be a "Work in Progress", the purpose being to direct and link-up people to the knowledge and truths of God's Word and Holy Spirit, that they may "take a stand in Christ" and live a victorious life!


Jesus is the key to this life and to all things! We are here to link people up to Jesus that he might fill your life. John 3:8 - He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.


We hope by coming to our site you are somehow connected to, and encouraged in God. Be blessed!

Testimony: God Encounter by Steven Lehenbauer: In the summer of 1992, while driving down Highway 70 in St. Louis as I had many times after a night of fun, I felt what was like a tap on the shoulder. It startled me and I looked around and then heard God speak to me very clearly. He said stop living my life the way I was or I would soon be dead! This shook me tremendously and truly moved my heart. A couple of months before this encounter I had been invited by a friend to go to church in St. Louis. I enjoyed being there very much. I did not leave there completely changed, but I know that a seed was planted that day. God was ordering the steps to save my soul! Weeks after this experience on the highway in St. Louis, God again had a friend invite me to another church. It was the River of Life Family Church in Quincy, Illinois where I lived. Wow, God touched my heart in a big way that day. The power of worshiping God and feeling his presence made a permanent change in my life as soon as I stepped into the sanctuary. The worship and the sounds of a flute begin to overwhelm me with His presence and minister to my heart. The experiences I had known from my young years in church flooded my heart. God's loving Spirit had gripped my heart and was not going to let go. I did not want it to let go either. The love of God I felt was beyond words! It locked onto my heart and I would never let go! From this day on, he would slowly begin to rearrange my life and begin a Spiritual Journey that would eternally change my life. I would find myself giving up my old ways and no longer desiring the same music and stuff. All of the music CD's I owned were thrown away in the trash since I did not want anyone else to have the junk. I stopped drinking and no longer was going out on weekends and instead desired church life. These were not hard decisions, they just happened and I liked it! My friends I had before would now go away and I would desire friends of Faith. Cool thing about my old friends is that at this change in my life, they all somehow had new paths. I remember three of my close friends ended up moving out of town. I really think God cleared my path to help me stay on course. On September 27, 1991 I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart at a Dallas Holm concert. This was the beginning of a Purpose Driven Life, giving me an awesome reason to live for.

Several years later He had me start a business called Red Cactus and start selling a sweet salsa. Over the years to come I would have many God Encounters and experiences. I would learn what it is to abide and walk in His ways, His Will - not mine, to walk in Faith and the Spirit, pray and seek His face and literally come to a place of Total Surrender. We now sell the salsa in 30 plus states, but the true reward is how he taught me through a business to rely on Him and come to a place of Peace and Joy only He can give.

This in my journey called, "From the Cactus to the Cross". I would love to come to your church or place of meeting and speak, tell stories and encourage all to serve Christ and Know His ways, His Word, Pray and see Jesus lifted up and Glorified.

Steven C. Lehenbauer, Founder of Red Cactus USA (makers of Americas Sweet Salsa) and Link up to Life Ministries. Contact info: email - redcactus@adams.net or phone: 217-653-8147 www.redcactussasla.com and www.linkuptolife.org




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